This morning Kyle and Jackie O finally got the chance to chat with Avril Lavigne…At least that is unless you believe the conspiracy theories going around that Avril Lavigne no longer exists…

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, a conspiracy theory arose on the internet back in 2005 claiming that the woman behind our fav teenage rock tune ’Sk8ter boi’ had died and was replaced by a clone.

Remember Those Conspiracy Theories That Avril Lavigne Is A Clone? She Just Addressed Them On Kyle And Jackie O

And over the years people have really spent a lot of time dedicating themselves to finding the evidence and proving that the theory is true.

According to the theory, Lavigne was allegedly struggling to deal with her fame during the height of her career and so she began to use a body double named Melissa.


The theory then claims that at some point along the way, rumoured to be in 2003, Avril died and so the record company made the decision to replace her full-time with Melissa.

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The alleged “proof” of the theory was that all of a sudden Avril’s clothing became a lot more feminine and fans also reportedly noticed major differences in the facial features of pre-2003 Lavigne and after the clone allegedly took over her life.

Fans also believe that “Melissa” was leaving little clues in Avril’s songs, such as ‘Slipped Away’ or her most recent track ‘Head Above Water’.

Of course none of this has never really been addressed by Avril herself, and so this morning while Kyle and Jackie O were chatting to the singer they decided to ask her about them straight out.


“What about, did you laugh at the rumours that went around where you no longer exist and there’s a clone of you?”, asked Jackie.

Now this is where it gets a bit foggy. Avril’s answer could really be taken two different ways…Let us explain.

On one hand, Avril can be heard laughing and saying that the rumours were strange. Meaning she might have been denying them.

“Yeah some people think that I’m not the real me which is so weird! Like why would they even think that,” she said.

On the other hand, you could say that Avril never actually flat out denied them. Not only that, BUT what was incredibly strange and creepy was that as soon as Jackie asked this question, the phone line turned really weird!

Avril went a bit robotic, cut out and times, and even accidentally started pressing random buttons making a beep sound! Is it just a coincidence that things started going haywire with the line as soon as we asked about the Melissa theories? Or was someone doing it…DELIBERATELY!!


We guess it’s up for you to decide…Listen to the audio from the moment in the video above!

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