This morning we had probably the most adorable guests in studio that we’ve ever met! It was energetic, young Aussie surfer and social media super star Sabre Norris and her equally excitable siblings.

They had come in to tell Kyle and Jackie O about their recent venture that they had undertaken at the opening of Big W’s Toy Mania Sale, and that was a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest group of people doing the ‘Floss’ Dance in the one location.

In case you’re not across the trend, the floss dance is the latest craze that’s got children everywhere going nuts on the dance floor as they attempt to pull off the insane move. And trust us it’s harder than it looks!


In celebration of the world record, Sabre and her siblings decided to get Kyle and Jackie O on the bandwagon and teach them the popular dance move.

Jackie surprisingly managed to pick it up straight away but Kyle…well let’s just say we don’t see him quitting his day job to enter So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon.

But while Kyle wasn’t the best at picking up the ‘Floss Dance’ he had a dance move of his own that he’d mastered and decided to pull out to prove to the kids that he could bust a move when he needed to. It was the good old fashion running man!

Check out Kyle and Jackie O’s dance moves in the video above!

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