Anne-Marie’s Acoustic Cover Of Hit Song 2002 Will Give You Goosebumps

This morning Kyle and Jackie O had the wonderful Anne-Marie in studio for a chat and so that she could play an acoustic cover of her hit song 2002. And while she was here we noticed three seriously cool things about her.

1. She’s got the most adorable English/Cockney accent we’ve ever heard!

2. Girl’s got some serious style! In studio today she was wearing a lime green pantsuit that looked like she’d just stepped off the set of Clueless.

3. She’s got an absolutely INCREDIBLE voice!!

Okay so yes number three we pretty much already knew because we’ve been massive fans of Anne-Marie’s hit songs, but it wasn’t until today when she stepped away from the pop-sound and performed a much more raw version of one of her songs that we realised just how talented she is.


Listen to Anne-Marie’s acoustic cover of her hit song 2002 in the video above! We promise it’ll give you the absolute chills.

And if you’re keen to get live experience, Anne-Marie told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that she’ll be touring Australia next year!

“You’re doing the big tour next year! Do you know when?” asked Kyle.

“April! I think so but don’t quote me on that!” laughed Anne-Marie.

You can find tickets to Anne-Marie’s Aussie tour here.

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