We all know that Kyle’s a massive animal lover and with his massive farm down in Robertson he’s willing to provide a home to any furry creature in need.

And so when one Kyle and Jackie O listener called up telling Kyle she had some chickens that she could not longer keep, Kyle of course offered to take them off her hands.

Although we don’t think he expected to do so live on the air!

The previous owner brought the chickens into the KIIS studios this morning to give them to Kyle and so we basically had a farm yard edition of the KJ Show as the animals sat in the studio and clucked away.

Kyle was very excited of course, even deciding that he was going to name the ginger coloured one ‘Prince Harry’ and the girl chick ‘Meghan Markle’.

He even decided to grab one of the chooks out of the cage to give it a little cuddle!

Jackie commented on just how well behaved the chicken was and that it could easily become our new show pet and live at the studio permanently.


But this is when things took a rather gross turn.

Just as Kyle was cuddling one of the white, fluffy chickens, the nerves clearly got the better of the chook and it actually did a sh*t on Kyle’s lap!

“Ohhh!! It’s shot it’s sh*t out at me,” Kyle screamed! “There’s sh*t all over me. It came out with such force!”

Watch the whole thing go down in the video above!

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