With 30 years in the entertainment industry, Studio 10’s Angela Bishop has certainly interviewed her fair share of celebrities.

But it turns out that there’s one celebrity that she refuses to speak with.

Angela joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about her years in the biz when she revealed the one celebrity that she won’t interview.

“Is there anyone you wouldn’t interview again because you didn’t like them as a person?” Jackie asked this morning.

Angela thought about it before revealing that she wouldn’t be keen to chat with Chris Brown anytime soon.


“I probably wouldn’t leap to interview Chris Brown,” she admitted.

“As in, not beautiful Dr Chris Brown. I love him. But you know the one that I mean.”

Chris Brown continues to be a controversial name in the entertainment industry due to his violent past with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Jackie asked whether this was the reason why Angela didn’t want to interview him and she said that she didn’t feel like Chris really owned up to what he had done.

“Was it something he personally did or what he’s known to have done to Rihanna?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah, I’m disappointed he hasn’t owned that more,” Angela continued.


“I think to move forward with his career we need to hear a bit more repentance.”

In 2009, singer Chris Brown was convicted of assault against his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna, and was sentenced to five years probation.

In 2015, Chris Brown was forced to cancel his tour in Australia after being denied entry based on his history of domestic violence.

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