Am i the best sex you’ve ever had?

It’s a pretty uncomfortable question to ask right? Especially when you have to ask the question to an Ex live on air with Kyle and Jackie O!

But for some reason (most likely because of the cash prize incentive) listener Alana decided to participate in one of our most hilarious segments this morning, agreeing to call up her ex boyfriend Brendan and ask him the all important question.

Alana explained that her and Brendan had broken up about four months ago and that despite the fact that she had been with other people since, Brendan was still the best sex she had ever had.

Therefore she was pretty hopeful that her enthusiasm would be reciprocated by Brendan when she called him up live on air and asked, “Am I the best sex you’ve ever had?”

But sadly, her hopes and dreams all came crashing down and not only did Brendan reject her, the reason why was completely SAVAGE!

Find out exactly what stopped Alana from being Brendan’s number one hook up in the video above!

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