Welcome back to another round of Kyle and jackie o’s ‘am i the best sex’ – the segment that sees ex partners ask each other the toughest question imaginable… 

“Am i the best sex you’ve ever had?”

Today it was listener Isabelle who was taking on the tough challenge of calling up her ex-boyfriend Phil. 

Before we made the call, Isabella revealed to Kyle and Jackie O a few of the details about their relationship, and we’ve got to say we were feeling pretty nervous for her after this. 

Isabelle said that her and Phil had been broken up for about six months at this point. After we asked what caused the break up, she revealed that they had been fighting non-stop. 

She then added at the end, “oh and I cheated on him with his brother”… Yeah so that probably played a major role in the break up too hey Isabelle? 

Anyway, we went ahead with the call and of course we were expecting Phil to be rather angry with Isabelle. But boy, we were not expecting this! 


Phil savagely told her that she was the best sex he’d ever had…until he too CHEATED on her with, wait for it, her good friend!! 

Well this relationship really was doomed from the get go…Listen to the whole hilariously awkward thing take place in the video above!

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