Ajay Rochester might have just found herself voted out of a reality TV Show, but that doesn’t mean that the drama for the ex-host of The Biggest Loser ends there!

Yesterday, Ajay took part in numerous interviews following her departure from the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle including one with our KIIS sister station up in Brisbane.

Ajay rochester reveals major feud with KIIS employee Bianca Dye

During the chat, it was revealed that Ajay and host of 97.3FM Bianca Dye had a long running feud. And well, today Kyle and Jackie O managed to find themselves in the middle of the entire mess.

“I’m going to address a tiny elephant in the room. You and I had a fall out and didn’t speak fifteen years ago. Have you forgiven me?” asked Bianca, addressing the beef live on air yesterday.

“You’re lucky they didn’t air that story Bianca because I told it. I told it more than once,” Ajay replied, referencing her time on IAC.


“Did you? I can’t even remember what it was?” continued Bianca.

And this is where Kyle and Jackie O come in. While Ajay wouldn’t say what the feud was about yesterday, she did in fact reach out to us and explained the entire thing.

And let’s just say, she’s definitely NOT forgiven Bianca. Not even close!

So in a bid to try and mend the broken relationship, we decided to get Bianca on the line this morning so that she could hear Ajay’s side of the story.

“I feel like I’m in the middle of something I shouldn’t be in,” said Kyle awkwardly.

Jackie on the other hand had a little bit of advice for Bianca, after revealing that she too had been in the middle of some beef with the reality star following a comment during a game about Ajay’s looks.


“You don’t want it to continue Bianca because it’s not fun,” Jackie said.

Want to know what the feud was about? Hear us play Ajay’s explanation to Bianca live on the Kyle And Jackie O show in the video above!

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