Yumi Stynes and Kerri-Anne Kennerley have been trending in the media recently after they went head to head during a pretty heated on-air debate on Studio Ten early last week.

During a panel on the breakfast show last Monday, Yumi and Kerri-Anne clashed over a discussion about ‘Invasion Day’ protestors.

The discussion reached boiling point when Stynes suggested that Kennerley was sounding “racist”, leaving the long-running TV host “seriously offended”.

The argument continued live on-air with Kyle and Jackie O the following day after we managed to get both women on to try and clear the air, with Kennerley saying that Yumi had “crossed a line” in labelling her a racist.


Ever since, we’ve been left wondering how things turned out between the pair and whether their relationship has been mended.

But after hearing from someone who had been present during the original argument, we have a feeling that this isn’t just something that is going to blow over.

Ajay Rochester, fresh from the I’m A Celebrity jungle, just so happened to find herself in the middle of the original argument as she was a guest on the Studio 10 panel at the time.


Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O today she revealed what went on behind the scenes and when the cameras were turned off between Yumi and Kerri-Anne.

“Another thing I wanted to bring up, you were on set of Studio 10 when Kerri-Anne and Yumi Stynes had their little racist rant at each other,” Kyle said.

“How uncomfortable was it for the other people there?” Ajay put her head in her hands and murmured, “Oh god”, to herself.

So we could basically already tell that it was a VERY uncomfortable situation to be part of.

“People were texting me just going you looked like you wanted a hole to open up and swallow you, and it was literally that,” Ajay explained.

That much was pretty obvious. But what happened when the cameras were turned off and the show cut to a commercial break? Ajay explained that things were very tense.


“Was it tense when they went to commercial break?” asked Kyle. “What went on that we might not have seen?”

“Very tense,” Ajay replied. “Well Yumi went to her dressing room and really only came back at the very last minute and then continued to do that in the breaks.

“So normally you hang around. And then [she] disappeared very, very quickly. There wasn’t any goodbyes or anything like that.”

As for Kerri-Anne, Ajay said that she didn’t really seem too fazed by the whole thing.

“She did not care,” Ajay continued. “She’s like such a veteran and she even kind of sighed and whispered to me. She goes, ‘Oh she’s been in the business how long? Darls I’ve been in the business a hundred years’. Nothing fazes her.”

Ajay then explained how the producers of Studio 10 tried to wrap the discussion up and move on. She said that she could hear them talking in their earpieces.


“At the end, in our earpiece, the producers are like, ‘Okay ladies, time to make up’ and that didn’t happen. “We were all ready for the look let’s agree to disagree, or let’s open this discussion, let’s get some indigenous voices tomorrow, but it was like, ‘No, you’re a racist again’.”

Talk about uncomfortable! We’ll have to agree with Ajay…If we had been there we certainly would have wanted to have been swallowed up by a hole too…

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