In case you missed Kyle and Jackie O’s celebrity edition of our new naked segment, Buddies In The Bath, Ajay Rochester bared all in a tub live in studio straight off the back of being eliminated from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

But while Ajay was initially feeling really positive about taking part in the hilarious segment with us, she has since come out slamming I’m A Celebrity for making her feel “disappointed” after claiming she’d done it for the wrong reasons.

Watch Ajay’s Buddies In The Bath Segment Here!

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is known to give the contestants currently in the jungle a little glimpse at what has been going on in the real world through little news packages from Channel 10’s News presenter, Sandra Sully.

During an episode on Monday evening, Sandra spoke about what eliminated contestant Ajay had been up to since leaving the jungle and showed the contestants footage from Buddies In The Bath. But Ajay said that they completely misrepresented the situation.


“Ajay Rochester has bared all on the Kyle and Jackie O Show for a cool $1000,” said Sandra during the clip.

“She was keen to show off her new streamlined figure after dropping 10kgs in 10 days in Africa,” she continued, showing contestants footage from the segment.

“The money is sure to go a long way for Rochester who confirmed on the radio program that she’s been slumming it at a backpackers.”

The contestants were left gobsmacked by the footage but not as shocked as Ajay was at how they’d represented the moment as something different to reality.


Ajay posted a message to her Instagram account, slamming I’m A Celeb for portraying her participation in Buddies In The Bath a planned segment that she took part in to get a quick buck.

“There’s two sides to every story and I am a little disappointed in the way @imacelebrityau painted what I’ve been doing since leaving the camp. Thought you’d be more empowering than that!,” she wrote in the caption.

“I didn’t get nude for $1000! I got nude because it was an in the moment thing, it felt like a powerful statement about body positivity because people would presume I wouldn’t do it and it’s about time people saw bigger ladies being free with their bodies,” she continued.

Ajay also slammed the program for saying she was “slumming it” with her current living situation and desparately needed the money.


“My choice to save money so I can set up my Aspergers child to have his own place in oz is not ‘slumming it in a backpackers’. It was my choice to not show my money away on an extravagance.”

While Buddies in the bath is a segment that sees too acquaintances strip naked and sit in a bath together for 30 seconds for the chance to win $1000, this is not how it went down with Ajay.

This morning Kyle and Jackie O also defended Ajay, explaining that they had asked Ajay to participate in the segment on the spur of the moment.


“It was portrayed quite differently,” Jackie said. “Ajay was our next guest and we she was watching [Buddies In The Bath] and then Kyle did say, ‘Ajay do you also want to do it?’ and she was like, ‘Hell yeah, I’ll do it!’.”

Fans have since commented on Ajay’s post, sticking up for the reality TV star and saying they thought it was unfair how the moment had been presented on Channel 10.

Ajay concluded her post by saying, “Two very different versions. Come on channel ten! you can do better!”

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