Superstar singer Adam Lambert has been a good friend of the Kyle and Jackie O show for many years now.

He joined us for a chat this morning and beforehand we were reminiscing about the time that Adam joined us in studio while Down Under back in 2015.

At the time, our show psychic Georgina Walker made a prediction about Adam’s future, and as it turns out, it seems that it actually came true! – Sort of anyway!

“You were here in 2015 and you came in for an interview and I think Georgina Walker, our psychic, she made a few predictions for you,” Jackie said to Adam this morning.

This was what she predicted – That Adam would meet two lovers in Spain and that her would be in a film in 2017.

We even have the Tweet with a time stamp of 2015 to prove it!


So did it come true? Well this is what Adam told us this morning!

“Oh my God you’re right!” exclaimed Adam after he remembered the prediction.

“Did any of that happen?” Jackie asked.

Jackie also mentioned that Adam had been in a small portion of Bohemian Rhapsody although he thinks that he filmed this during 2018. (Pretty close call though!)

But what was pretty spooky was the part about Adam meeting lovers in Spain! He told us that his current Boyfriend is actually from Spain!


“I met a lover from Spain,” he said. “Not in Spain but from Spain.”

“Did he end up becoming your boyfriend? Because you’ve got a boyfriend now,” Jackie asked.

“Yep he did! That’s him,” revealed Adam.

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LUV U @javicostapolo 💕

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Adam has been dating this Spanish lad, model Javi Costa Polo, for about 8 months now and Adam actually said that his latest song, ‘New Eyes’, is in some ways about him because it is a love song.


“It’s about that kind of love where you meet somebody and you’re like, I’m looking at the world through a refreshed, new set of eyes now. I’m seeing things differently. And that’s how I feel. I feel really really happy.”

We’re so glad to hear it!

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