Not many people could say that they’ve had their bare bum go up on display in front of Prince Charles. In fact you’d think that you could almost say with absolute certainty that they’ve never flashed a member of the royal family.

But after the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony happened on Wednesday night here Down Under, one girl can absolutely say that royalty, as well as millions of viewers at home, have seen her ‘down under’ after a wardrobe malfunction was caught on camera and broadcast everywhere.

The poor girl in question was 19-year-old Georgia from Brisbane, and while she probably wanted to remain out of the spotlight after being embarrASSed (sorry we had to) world wide, Kyle and Jackie O managed to get her on air this morning to find out what on earth happened in the moments before and after the mooning.

“At first it was obviously pretty humiliating,” said Georgia. “Came off, saw my bum was there for everyone to see, 1.5 million people that was pretty bad. But you’ve just got to have a laugh about it.”

But down to the more important stuff. How on earth did Georgia manage to end up with a bare bum during the performance?

“How did your panties fall off?”, asked Kyle.

“Well, I was wearing a bikini, doesn’t look like it I know,” explained Georgia. “So I’d just run across the sand stage in eight counts, and so obviously they’d just gone straight up my bum. As a dancer I’m told never touch your costume so I’ve obviously left it and that camera man has just been at an absolutely horrible angle.”


So it wasn’t that she wasn’t wearing pants. The one’s she was wearing had just wedgied quite a way up! And what’s even worse? Georgia had absolutely no idea that she’d shown off her bottom to the entire audience until she’d come off the stage and she saw it on social media!

“There is the screens in the stadium, but I actually didn’t see the screen”, explained Georgia. “It was after I went off stage I actually saw a meme on Facebook about it before I actually saw the footage.”

Poor girl! What a thing to be famous for though!

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