Last week, Kyle and Jackie O received an Email from a woman called Lauren, who revealed her older sister Natalie has been trying to get pregnant with her husband for a long time.

In the past three years, she has had three ectopic pregnancies. She had a tube removed, and just this year, she has had three miscarriages.

She and her husband Terrance have been together for seven years, and got married in February this year – and will be paying off the wedding for quite some time.

IVF seems to be their only option, but with the cost of the wedding, this won’t be a possibility for along time, based on how expensive it is to get IVF treatment.

Kyle and Jack have spoken to their friends at Fertility First, and the medical director Dr Anne Clark would like to give Natalie a full assessment for the couple before Christmas, plus they will give Natalie a cycle of IVF or whatever treatment necessary to get her healthily pregnant.

Listen below to Natalie’s full story and her conversation with Kyle and Jackie O, as they reveal what they’ve organised for her.



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