Kyle Sandilands is known for many things, with one of these being the numerous feuds that he has with other celebrities.

Some of these feuds are justified, some are a little dramatic and others are just so completely random that he doesn’t even know why they exist in the first place.

One of these apparent feuds was with I’m A Celebrity’s third place winner during last night’s finale episode and Aussie entertainer Rhonda Burchmore. Or so he thought.

A few weeks ago on the Kyle and Jackie O show, Kyle told his listeners that he likes Rhonda but that he’d heard on the grapevine that she doesn’t like him.

“I’ve been liking watching Rhonda Burchmore on there as well but you know what my problem is? I’ve heard through multiple channels that Rhona Burchmore hates me,” Kyle said at the time.

“And I’ve never met her and I have no idea why she’d hate me so it’s hard to like someone when you know they hate you… I’ve heard from multiple people.”


Jackie decided to get to the bottom of this supposed feud by going straight to the source and bringing Rhonda on the show following her elimination from I’m A Celeb. No matter how awkward that might be for Kyle!

But as it turns out, no such feud actually exists! Rhonda immediately denied that she’s ever had any bad blood towards Kyle and put the rumour to bed straight away.

“Kyle I love you! Where did you ever, ever hear that?” Rhonda exclaimed on air with us this morning.

“I don’t know! I’ve thought that for years, many years,” Kyle replied.

“No I am such a fan! And I even loved you on that stupid show where you were like Judge Judy,” Rhonda joked. “You are sensational!

“You cannot believed this,” she added about the rumour. “There’s some jealous cows out there that’s all I can say, that are just trying to keep the two of us apart. I’m glad we’ve had this opportunity to patch this up.”


Kyle couldn’t be happier to hear that he no longer has to hold onto any bad feelings about Rhonda and Jackie was very chuffed to have been the peacemaker that made it all happen!

Looks like Kyle’s going to have to keep closer tabs on his feuds from now on to make sure that they actually exist… That’s what happens when you have so many!

Following their newfound friendship, Rhonda went on to tell Kyle and Jackie about her time in the Jungle, explaining that it really was one of the toughest things she’s ever done.

“You see it on the telly and you think it can’t be as bad as that but truly when you’ve got scorpions crawling in your little sleeping bag and baboons peeing on your head during the night, it’s pretty raw in there,” Rhonda told us. “It was pretty rough.”

Hear more from our chat with Rhonda and winner of the season Miguel Maestre in the podcast below!