If there’s one thing that Kyle loves to brag about, it’s the fact that he’s always been a bit of a ladies man. That is until he met his current girlfriend Imogen whom he’s happily settled down with.

But one person that we were rather surprised to discover also used to be a bit of a Casanova when it came to the ladies was non other than Conrad Sewell. In fact he seemed to think that if there ever was a competition for who was the biggest Romeo between the him and Kyle, that he would win hands down.

It all came about when Kyle decided to question Sewell on the amount of women that he had managed to get into the same bed at the one time.

Instead of answering straight away, Conrad laughed and turned the question back on Kyle. “I don’t know Kyle how about you?” he asked. And then to make things rather interesting he said, “whatever you have I bet you I could double it.”

Wow! That’s quite a statement there young Conrad. Not only has Kyle been around for a lot longer, therefore having more opportunity to get busy, but we all know that Kyle went through a rather slutty stage after his divorce.


Conrad had clearly not thought this through and he was completely shocked when Kyle gave his answer.

“Girls in the bed, fifteen,” replied Kyle. FIFTEEN?! That is straight up Hugh Hefner numbers that none of us were expecting. In fact, Conrad replied by saying what we were all thinking at that point in time, “I wouldn’t even know what to do with fifteen.”

But any who, even tough Conrad’s number was no where near as massive as this and he knew that he couldn’t beat Kyle, he did have a pretty hilarious story as to how he managed to get a few girls to come to his place at the one time.

Hear the hilarious story in the video above!

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