The last time Kyle and Barnaby Joyce spoke it didn’t end too well, and that’s putting it lightly. In case you don’t remember, let us set the scene for you.

The year was 2015. Barnaby was the Agriculture Minister of Australia and his big scandal with Vikki Campion wasn’t even close to coming to light.

It all began when Hollywood actor Johnny Depp had just arrived in Australia for the film Pirates Of The Caribbean with his then wife Amber Heard and their two teacup Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo. The only problem? The two pets were brought into our country without being declared to customs and without the necessary paperwork.

As a result Barnaby Joyce had no choice but to force the actor to take his pets out of the country. If he didn’t agree, Barnaby threatened to have them put down.

Now Kyle, who you would know is a massive animal lover, didn’t agree with Barnaby’s tough penalty and when he spoke to Barnaby about the possibility of euthanising the two dogs, they didn’t really see eye to eye.

To cut a long story short, Kyle ended up going to town on Barnaby calling him a whole bunch of names before eventually cutting the interview short and leaving him to nothing but a dial tone.

Fast forward to 2018, after Barnaby has been through the absolute ringer in the media having had a baby with his media advisor Vikki Campion, and Kyle and Barnaby agree to meet face to face and address their issues once and for all.


It was nerves all round as Barnaby walked into the studio. This could end in one of two ways. Another heated exchange and massive blow up live on air or a wave of the white flag and an apology from both parties. Jackie acted as the mediator as we jumped right in and addressed the elephant in the room.

“Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room, which was last time you were on Barnaby, things were heated between you and Kyle,” said Jackie. Both Kyle and Barnaby than had an opportunity to explain their sides of the story.

Barnaby explained that he felt very passionate about the issue with Johnny Depp’s dogs because he felt that all people should follow the rules, and being a Hollywood actor is no exception.

“I just got a sense that a fella had decided to wander in here and tell our biosecurity laws to go get stuffed and it’s just that the came with a sense of entitlement and I just didn’t like that,” he said.

“We would lose fifty billion dollars worth of our cattle industry overnight if someone walks in with foot in mouth disease…all the fella had to do was just sign the bloody paperwork with the truth…but he didn’t.”

Not only did Barnaby feel passionate about keeping Australia and our livestock safe, but he said that his decision to threaten the two dogs with euthanasia wasn’t personal but because it is simply the law to do so.


“That’s actually the law it’s just what they do, that’s it,” he continued. “If you’re not going to take the dog out, what are our options here? We can’t put them in the pound with the other dogs. You’ve got to put it down.”

Kyle then said his piece. He said that he too felt extremely passionate at the time, which likely caused him to get riled up during their original discussion. He also said that at the time, he didn’t realise the effect that just two dogs could have on the entire country.

“In hindsight, I was very passionate about something and I believe that you were also very passionate from the opposing view,” he started. “I’m on the land now down in the Southern Highlands…but my neighbours were like, ‘Barnaby was right. This can devastate.’

“And I was unaware. I just thought oh here’s a government dude pulling out some papers and getting a name for himself. But that wasn’t what was behind it.”

And well, that was that! Both men brushed off their issues and put the past behind them. They even had a bit of a laugh about how silly they had acted towards each other during the rest of the interview! But what we really didn’t expect was what came at the end of the chat.

Not only did Kyle and Barnaby choose to move forward past their issues, but they literally kissed and made up, ending the meeting with a big bear hug!


“Aw I never thought I’d see the day,” exclaimed Jackie!

These two just went from enemies to besties quicker than we could say Pirates Of The Caribbean! You heard it hear first, we’re betting on a Kyle and Barnaby bromance! Were still working on their nickname would be though, Karnaby? Jandilands? Hmm we might need to head back to the drawing board on this one.

Watch the full interview with Barnaby Joyce in the video below!


You can also read more about Barnaby Joyce’s story in his new book Weatherboard and Iron out in stores today!

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