Demi Lovato is making headlines after she tweeted about a pretty inappropriate prank that she pulled on her bodyguard Max, who would you believe actually used to be a bodyguard for Kyle Sandilands.

“Your old bodyguard went off to then bodyguard for everyone,” said Jackie. To which Kyle replied through laughter, “that’s right he said to me he wants to go over and bodyguard a real celebrity.” And apparently that real celebrity is now Demi Lovato.

Anyway, the singer was answering fan questions on her social media account when things took a turn for the worse. One fan asked her what was the funniest prank she has ever pulled on someone and her answer had people seriously angry.

“I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and send her to Max’s hotel room to surprise him. She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in her ‘area’ and he feared the f*ck out hahahaha,” wrote Lovato in a since deleted tweet.

Demi has since apologised for offending people after heaps of people began tweeting that her “prank” was an act of sexual harassment.


The prank became a topic of discussion on the show during Jackie’s O News. Kyle said that Max wouldn’t have actually cared about the prank but would’ve found it funny. And he knows this because he has done MUCH worse things to poor old Max.

“Well let me tell you, knowing Max he wouldn’t have give a sh*t,” said Kyle. “I’ve done worse things to Max just quietly.”

So what did Kyle do to Max that was so bad? Well at first he didn’t want to explain, but he eventually admitted that he too had done something kinda inappropriate. But it wasn’t a prank! Kyle simply did something sexual while Max was in close proximity, just minding his own business and doing his job.

“Max has driven me around before when someone’s gone down on me in the back seat and he didn’t say anything,” said Kyle.


And well no one really knew what to say to that! Things only got more awkward when Kyle started explaining the incident in detail…Watch the video above to hear Kyle’s inappropriate story!

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