Well, Kyle certainly stuck his foot in his mouth this morning after he accidentally revealed the identity of the one celebrity that they have BANNED from their show after a bad experience that Jackie had with them.

A few weeks ago Kyle and Jackie had been discussing the current climate over in Hollywood with many actors being accused of sexual harassment, when Jackie revealed that she had a similar experience while doing an interview with one major celebrity.

She said that the person in question had made her feel so uncomfortable and acted like such a creep that she actually refused to ever interview them again.

“There was one I refused to interview ever again, because he made me feel so uncomfortable and you know who it is, because I said to you ‘We’re never, ever having him on ever again, because he was such a creep’,” said Jackie to Kyle.

Kyle agreed that the celeb in question had been really inappropriate and said that he’d actually spoken to other women in radio who had interviewed this person and had had similar experiences.


But, while Kyle and Jackie continued to discuss what a creep this person was, they agreed to keep his identity private. Well, at least that was the original plan. Kyle seems to have forgotten this after he accidentally revealed the celebrities identity in today’s show.

Jackie was doing her O News segment and it just so happened to be about this particular celebrity. And funnily enough, the reason why this celebrity made it into O News was because he had come out and apologised for sexist comments he had made to women in the past!

So I guess before we explain how all of this came up, we should probably disclose which celebrity got themselves in Jackie’s bad book. Well you might not recognise him without his white face paint and black eyes, but the person in question is Gene Simmons from the band Kiss.

Jackie was explaining that Gene had been on Andrew Denton’s show when he admitted that he had been a sexist pig in the past but he was sorry for this behaviour.

“It was stupid. It was wrong. It was ethically and morally just wrong and I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve been an arrogant, sexist pig,” said Gene during the interview.

And this is where Kyle accidentally slipped up. “That’s why Jackie banned you from the show,” he said.


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