This morning Kyle and Jackie O were joined by co-host of Celeb HQ, Zoe Marshall to catch up on how she’s going after giving birth to her first child with hubby Benji Marshall.

And while we thought that we might get to hear about all of the cuteness, cuddles and smiles that new bub Benjamin Fox brings to the family, we were instead treated to Zoe’s unfiltered version of giving birth from Benji filming the entire thing, to the vaginal stretches that Zoe completed to stop any tearing…down there.

God love Zoe and her brutally honest attitude. But one thing the guys were a bit shocked about was the fact that Zoe had her placenta turned into a berry smoothie, and she loved it!

“I heard you made a berry smoothie from your placenta,” started Jackie.

“I didn’t personally make it because I was kind of tied up but I did have this wonderful woman make my placenta into a smoothie”, explained Zoe.

The guys made a little bit of a joke saying that she should’ve taken her placenta over to Boost Juice and had them blend it up into one of their drinks for her. And well, Zoe explained that to her it was just as yummy as any normal smoothie that you could get from Boost Juice!

“And you know what, you can’t taste the difference,” explained Zoe. “Like if I gave you two smoothies, you would not know which one had placenta in it.”


Kyle called BS on this one and we have to say that we agree…surely you’d taste SOMETHING different! But of course, consuming the placenta after child birth is actually pretty common because of the positive affects that it gives you.

“It makes you feel great, very vibrant,” explained Zoe. Jackie agreed with this and even explained that one of her friends made placenta tablets after giving birth which she called her “happy pills”!

Zoe said she’d be happy to share so that Kyle and Jackie could feel the effects of the “happy pills” and so Jackie joked, “It’s like the new street drug, Placenta!”

And well, you can hear a lot more of Zoe’s vibrant, happy and yep completely honest self each weeknight at 7pm on KIIS as she and co-host JC give us the latest celebrity gossip on Celeb HQ.

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