The 17th season of Geordie Shore is about to air and we couldn’t be more excited to see some Aussie action in the new cast. Especially after hearing just how WILD they actually are!!

The four Australian’s heading into the Geordie Shore house on the Gold Coast, and likely straight to the shag pad from the sounds of things, came on air to speak with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

Kyle and Jackie decided to play a game with the Aussie cast members in a bid to get to know them better before we see them on the show. And what better game to play with a bunch of true-blue, rowdy Geordie’s than ‘Never Have I Ever’!

Kyle and Jackie O were of course expecting to get the new cast members, Dee, Christen, Alex and Nick to admit to some pretty personal stuff.

After all, if they have happily signed up for the pretty provocative show that televises everything from their embarrassing drunk habits to their intimate sex lives, then they’re not likely to hold anything back while chatting on a radio show.


BUT BOY!! We did not expect to uncover this much! Such as when Jackie asked, “never have I ever had an STD” and one of the new Aussie’s reluctantly raised their hand and sheepishly said, “I have”…

Not to mention what happens when we asked if any of them had cheated on a partner before! By the looks of things we may have accidentally uncovered a secret Geordie Shore cheating scandal…

Watch the whole crazy game with the cast of Geordie Shore in the video above!

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