Like all other kids his age, 2-year-old Liam is obsessed with all things Disney. But unlike most other kids, poor little Liam is in the midst of the fight of his life against a rare and aggressive brain tumour.

The condition that Liam suffers from is known as Pineoblastoma and it’s actually so rare that it only affects 0.1% of children world wide, and only two other kids across Australia are affected by it.

Liam’s parents first noticed that something wasn’t quite right with him just after he started going to day care. He was walking differently, constantly shaking and his eyes weren’t working to their full potential.

It was his mother’s intuition that told her that something was off and unfortunately she was right. A short time later, Liam was diagnosed with cancer.

Since the diagnosis, Liam has endured five rounds of chemotherapy in a matter of just five months. This week has been especially tough for him after doctor’s discovered that he had developed a blood infection.


Not only is this fight incredibly difficult for little Liam, but it’s also been a tough experience for his family. Liam’s aunt Shana spoke to Kyle and Jackie O this morning and told them that they are the strongest people she has even known.

“They’re doing as well as they can, like they’re the strongest people I’ve ever seen, obviously in the circumstances they’re in at the moment, but it’s been a very rough time for everybody,” she explained.

Kyle and Jackie O were incredibly moved by Liam’s story and just knew that they had to do something to make this time easier for him and his entire family. And so we sent Intern Pete over to the hospital where Liam is staying to deliver a very special gift.

“Obviously Shana’s told us about Liam’s situation and we wanted to bring a bit of joy to your life because you guys certainly deserve it,” said Jackie.

Watch the video above to find out just what we gave little Liam and his family. We promise that it will melt your heart.

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