Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire have been pretty darn loved up since they met on Bachelor In Paradise earlier this year, and so we thought that if anyone would be successful in Kyle and Jackie O’s Cost Of Love segment, it would be them.

If you’re unfamiliar with this particular game, basically it involves Kyle and Jackie O posing a series of questions to a couple to see how well they know each other. One person has their answers recorded prior to the segment while the other has to answer the questions live on air and the aim is to get the same answer each time.

Jarrod and Keira were doing pretty well with the game, but there was one pretty personal question that had them slip up slightly.

“We asked Jarrod if you think his penis is big or small,” said Jackie. “This will be interesting.”

And Jackie couldn’t have been more right there. Now you’d think that this should’ve been a relatively straight forward question to answer as the two options are right there in the question! Big or small.


The only problem with this is that if you don’t choose one of the above, it becomes pretty darn obvious that you think a guy’s member is on the smaller size, but you just don’t want to admit that it is.

Well clearly Keira didn’t realise this is how it would come across as she laughed nervously and said that she didn’t know what to answer because they hadn’t discussed this before. She then admitted that she’s “satisfied”.

But Jackie wouldn’t let her off the hook that easily! “So are we going with big or small?” she pushed.

“Well he obviously thinks that I think it’s big, because look at his face, as if he’s going to say small,” said Keira. “And I don’t think I would be with him if it was small.”

Eventually Keira admitted, “it’s more towards big than small.” Oh Keira, why didn’t you just answer BIG then!

We pretty much saw the sparkle in Jarrod’s eyes drop on the spot because he knew that things were about to get beyond awkward as they played back his answer, where he in fact thought that Keira would say his deal is nothing short of massive.


“She always tells me big but I don’t know if that’s true or not,” played back Jarrod’s response. He then justified his answer and said “You do!…It may be dirty talk but you still say it.”

And we’re sure that it goes without that things we’re pretty darn awkward after that! We wonder if they actually will have this conversation now so that they’re on the same page from now on…

Watch the hilarious moment take place in the video above!

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