Watch the incredible moment a paddle-boarder is nudged by a killer whale… which then has a CHEW on his board!

Kiwi Luke Reilly recently encountered a killer whale out on the water in Kuaotunu just 200 meters off NZ’s north island.

At one point the curious creature tried to take a bite out of his board, causing him to almost fall in the water.

Mr Reilly said at one point he stumbled but fortunately didn’t fall off his board.

The whale was a member of a pod that was feasting on nearby stingrays that broke away after spotting the unusual sapped board in the water.

Speaking to 3 NEWS NZ he said:


“This one just bee-lined it for me,”

“He popped up about 10cm away from the back of my board.

“I got a bit nervous thinking, ‘what’s this guy going to do?'”

“He slowly crept up and grabbed my board and I yelled ‘What are you doing?”

After around 5 minutes the orca finally swam off.

“It was quite freaky but so amazing at the same time.”



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