Nothing says a warm ‘welcome back to kindy’ quite like a pole-dancer.  At least that’s what one kindergarten in China thought.

Parental jaws hit the floor as a pole-dancer in heels and black hot pants greeted a group of young children back from the summer holidays.

In a video tweeted by journalist Michael Standaert, a woman can be seen dancing on the flagpole bearing the Chinese flag as children, aged between three and five, look on.

Standaert asked his followers: “Who would think that this is a good idea?”

Well, clearly the director of the kindy did.

On Monday, the Shenzhen Baoan District Education Bureau sent out probably the only statement it could possibly issue, that it believed “it is not appropriate to perform pole dancing for children in kindergartens.”


    The director of the kindy has been relieved of his position.

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