Kim Kardashian West just released her annual Christmas Card, and fans immediately noticed that something was up!

While the whole West family is just comfortably chillin’ on the staircase in their grey sweats (how festive!), fans were convinced that North West had been photoshopped into the pic.

Take a look for yourself:

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The West Family Christmas Card 2019

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Kim went on to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to have a little chat about the picture, and you guessed it, North was absolutely photoshopped in.

“It was a time thing and it was hard to wrangle everyone together,” she told Ellen.


“So I said I’ll just do my own family.

“It was so much anxiety with the four kids, North was having a day and I said fine we’ll do it without you but then she said she just wanted to shoot with me.

“So I said fine we’ll just Photoshop her in.

“So that’s not actually her in the picture.

“The anxiety I went thought to get that picture.

“There’s always one.”