Kim Kardashian spills her secret to her washboard stomach and hot post-baby bod.

Kim has been looking absolute FIRE lately – toned and fit and even her mum wanted to know her secret.

My mom pulled me aside like, ‘What are you doing? I don’t care what, I just need to know.’ I’ve been working out really hardcore with a bodybuilder for one year. I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day, heavy weights.

She says eating has a lot to do with it: “I’ve kind of been trained to just eat a lot healthier than I used to. I used to just eat anything and everything and I loved it. And so I really do control that now. … I don’t want to ruin it by just stuffing my face.”

Seems like too much to commit to when pizza exists but that’s nmb.


Kim, you look hot – keep living your life.

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