Today, is Kim Kardashian’s 35th Birthday. 

So, as a birthday present to her fans, Kim shared on her app a list of 35 things she learned before turning 35. 

While some lessons were about always being generous, some where more specific, like tip 18: Sometimes you just have to let North wear her Minnie Mouse outfit to bed.” 


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Kim also shares some very important fashion tips: “All-white always works, no matter what time of year it is.” 


For all of us that don’t sport symmetrical faces, Kim recommends a perfectly centred part.. hmmm might not be possible for everyone Kim! 

On selfies: “Knowing your angles is a must. Airplane bathrooms have flattering light.” highly doubt we’re talking about the same kind of Airplane bathroom Kim… 

Kim has also learnt to appreciate her family, fans as well as the importance of moisturizing, sunscreen and makeup removal. 

On haters: “There will always be haters. Learn to use criticism to fuel you.”

Finally, “Be comfortable in your own skin. This comes with age, but it really is so important to love yourself before anything else.” 

Check out the rest of Kim’s life tips here


Source: mashable

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