As soon as the most unexpected Uber Eats ad popped up yesterday, featuring Kath and Kim’s Sharon Strezlecki and none other than Kim Kardashian, we had about a million questions and we instantly wanted more.

More of Kim Kardashian wearing a netball bib, more of Kim trying to say ‘Noice’, ALL of it!

And the most important question of all, how much did Kimmy and momager Kris Jenner make out of this no doubt seriously expensive deal?

While we can’t give you the answer to this question, we can give you some more of the iconic due that is Sharon and Kimmy K in this behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.

It’s literally everything we could have wanted and MORE! We see Kim eating Tim Tams, telling us her thoughts of pineapple on pizza (she’s on the fence with that one btw) and even Kim Kardashian with a Sharon bowl cut!


We repeat, Kim bloody Kardashian with a BOWL CUT!

You can check out the footage for yourself here!

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