Kanye West thought he was safe sneaking a peek at Rihanna at the VMA’s while wife Kim Kardashian-West was occupied doing her favourite hobby, taking photos of herself. 

BUT he was WRONG! 

The selfie queen was interrupted mid snap when she noticed husband Kayne starring at Rihanna on stage in an almost trance like state. 

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s reaction was PRICELESS! 

Source: Hollywood Life

We’re not sure what Kimmy really has to be upset about. In comparison to past years Kanye was relatively well behaved. He didn’t interrupt anyone on stage and only made one dig at Taylor Swift throughout the whole night. 


See the full video at: http://video-cdn.hollywoodlife.com/previews/ADIVCRnm-RiPpdJ98

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