Kim Kardashian is one of the most photographed women in the world and the savvy business woman sure knows how to turn this fact into a HUGE profit.

Over the weekend, while she wasn’t busy plotting Taylor Swift’s downfall, Kim Kardashian dropped by the exclusive Revolver Party in the Hamptons.

Her Snapchat made it look like she was attending the party as a guest as she uploaded pics of her getting ready on a private jet with her Glam Squad, however don’t be fooled.

Kim K was there to make a pretty penny.

Page Six are reporting that the reality TV queen pocketed a whopping $700,000 USD just for taking selfies with the guests.


She also reportedly had 25 bodyguards with her.

One million Aussie dollars to take a couple of pics with rich fans? Nice work if you can get it…

Source Page Six

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