KIIS listeners everywhere were no doubt waiting in intense anticipation this morning as they waited for the $5 MILLION Free Money Frenzy finalist to be announced.

Just after 7AM, one lucky person was chosen at random and Kyle and Jackie O made the call to tell them that they were the person in with a chance of a life changing $5 MILLION!!

That person Was Yvonne.

She’s a vet who was getting ready for work when we made the call. But little did she know that her day, and possibly her life, was about to change.

“So Yvonne, obviously we’re aware that you entered the competition to try and win that $5 million,” Jackie said on the phone this morning.

“I don’t know whether you know but there’s a process. The process is we ring someone today and we tell them hey, on Monday you need to come to the radio station and then it might be you that wins the $5 million,” Kyle added.

“Oh my god okay,” Yvonne said in shock.


We had goose bumps just thinking about how much Yvonne’s life might be about to change!

“This is that phone call,” Kyle said.

“Yvonne, you’re the one that’s been chosen,” Jackie concluded.

“The one,” Kyle echoed.

Yvonne was in complete shock! But she’ll have to get her nerves under control as she prepares to come into the KIIS studios after the weekend for our $5 MILLION Monday!

Hear the Free Money Frenzy announcement in the video above!


Congratulations Yvonne!!

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