Ever since his overdose at a brothel in Nevada, Khloe Kardashian has come to the aid of her husband, Lamar.

She was by his bedside daily during his recovery, and since being admitted from hospital, set him up with a $3M mansion in Calabasas, near her residence.

However, after much speculation that the two were going to cancel their plans to divorce and get back together, news today tells that not only are they definitely getting divorced, but she’s kicking him out of the $3M mansion she organised for him – all because the troubled NBA star was spotted out drinking again.

She was paying Lamar’s rent for him, but has now allegedly decided to stop helping Lamar out unless he decides to beat his addiction once and for all. ‘He is using again,’ Us’s source claimed.

‘So Khloe had to put her foot down and stop helping him out.’

The insider added: ‘More than anything, Khloe wants to be in Lamar’s life, but only if he gets healthy.

She can’t watch him fall apart again.’ She has threatened to cut ties with him once and for all unless he gets clean.


Source: Hollywood Life