If you’re having a baby soon, KFC want you consider something.

In a bizarre contest, they want to pay someone $11,000 (about $A15,000) to name their baby after the KFC founder, Colonel Sanders.

Obvs the $11K refers to KFC’s 11 herbs and spices.

The silverlining being that the Colonel’s first name isn’t “Colonel”, it’s Harland. The other silverlining is that the competition doesn’t apply to babies born in Australia.

According to the terms of KFC’s contest, participants are eligible to win if they have a baby born in the US on the original Colonel’s birthday AND give the kid the legal name Harland.

Yep, the baby needs to be born on September 9 and be legally named Harland – not to win – just to be eligible.


If there is a tie, the child born “first” on that date.

The cash is meant to help pay for Harland’s tertiary education in the US, which would be roughly a couple of decades in the future.

Thing is, before you think $11K is a great deal for baby Harland’s educational future, Time magazine recently reported that $11,000 would barely cover the average cost of one year at college in 2018, let alone that far down the road.  

So, yeah.

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