Kevin Hart is certainly no fan of the youngest Irwin after a hilarious encounter with him and his animal friends on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show yesterday.

Robert Irwin appeared on the talk show alongside the actor to promote the Irwin’s new series ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ on the Animal Planet channel.

And to truly show off what this show is set to be about, he brought out a series of animals that left Hart absolutely traumatised and at one point, Hart jokingly threatened the fight the Aussie star.

14-year-old Bob, son of the late Steve Irwin, brought a king snake, a tarantula, a baby ostrich and a falcon out on stage during his guest appearance and it quickly became apparent that Kevin Hart was afraid of all of the animals.

The hilarious incident began with Bob bringing out a two-month-old ostrich name Giselle. Now you’d imagine that this would be a pretty cute animal, but Hart wasn’t having it!

While running across the stage he said, “You can kiss my ass, no. What is that noise? You know what she’s saying? I want some little black man.”

But it wasn’t until Irwin brought out two king snakes named Lebron and Elvis that the true terror was brought out in Hart. He refused to hold them and as Bob began to bring them closer he joked that he wasn’t afraid to fight him.


“I’ll fight you man. I promise you I’m going to swing on you,” said Kevin. “My ass is sweating. I got so much sweat dripping down my ass right now. I’m so nervous.”

“This is how black people die in horror movies.”

But the animal encounter didn’t stop there. Bob bravely brought out a tarantula next named Big Red and while Hart wouldn’t go near the creature, he managed to convince the host Jimmy Fallon to hold it.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” said Fallon.

Bob finally managed to get Kevin Hart to participate with one of the animals when he brought out a falcon and had if fly across the audience and onto Hart’s arm.

And while it seemed like the experience would’ve left the actor scarred for life, he later described the interview on Instagram as “the funniest thing that I have ever been a part of”.


Watch the hilarious moment take place in the video below! Now we’ll warn you, it’s about 14 minutes long but trust us, it’s well worth watching all the way through!

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