It’s been an incredible trip to Sydney this time around for Kesha! She performed at Mardi Gras, celebrated her birthday here and even stopped by the Kyle and Jackie O studios for a catch up with us!

And boy what an incredible catch up it was!

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Amongst some laughs, hearing all about Kesha’s new vegan makeup line Kesha Rose and some chats about her new music, Jackie decided to pull out her Tarot cards and give Kesha a reading.

And it was surprisingly accurate!

Turns out just like Jackie, Kesha loves a bit of a psychic prediction and so she was more than happy to delve into what her prediction meant for her.


“Are you into like Tarot cards and stuff?” Jackie asked Kesha.

“Oh yes, god yes!” Kesha exclaimed. “I love to interpret things like from the universe and my astrology, my charts, I’m into all of that.”

And so of course Jackie decided to whip out her Tarot deck and give Kesha a bit of a reading!

The card that appeared was ‘The Empress’ card, and at first after reading the meaning, Kesha was gobsmacked.

“Okay let’s see,” Kesha said before reading out the prediction.

“Congratulations you’re expecting. No I’m f*cking not!” she exclaimed immediately, so don’t go starting any rumours that she’s pregnant!


“Kesha if you fall pregnant soon, I swear to god, I’m going to love this,” Jackie laughed.

After going through a fit of laughter, Kesha continued to read the card and we soon worked out that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re pregnant with a baby but perhaps with a big idea.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean a new baby, thank God okay, it could be the birth of a new idea or new hit song called ‘Raising Hell’,” she joked, referring to her latest single.

“It is an icon for new creations, like my makeup!


“She indicates you are in line to receive the fruits of our labour. The empress also represents motherhood, no, the feminine influence, yes.”

And this is when things started to get seriously accurate for Kesha.

“She reminds us to nurture and protect that which is helpless or in need of nurturing or support. This could be as simple as giving your friend or child a gesture of comfort or as grand as becoming an activist for global preservation,” Kesha continued with emphasis.

The ‘Praying’ singer told us that this relates completely to a new venture that she’s looking at doing on the small screen!

“You know what’s really weird about that is that I”m trying to currently make a television show where I go around the world and I bring attention to animals in need that are nearly endangered and I want to try to find real ways to make change in the world,” Kesha explained.

“That’s really crazy because that’s the global preservation. That’s like my goal, my new chapter, that’s what I would like it to be.”


So while she might not be pregnant with a baby, Kesha is certainly pregnant with a few awesome projects!

Hear more from our incredible chat with Kesha in the podcast below!

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