The past five months have been trying for Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John… but it looks as though things are about to take a turn for the better.

The couple’s life was altered dramatically when John sustained critical injuries after a horrific fall in March that left him with a broken neck and spinal cord damage. 

But after an intense period of rehabilitation – including time spent in an induced coma – it looks like John is one step closer to returning home. 

Kerri-Anne was beaming in her latest photo on Instagram, announcing that the pair just took a quick trip home to test out newly installed ramps and safety measures put in place inside their home to help with John’s quality of life. 

While a permanent move back may still be a few months away, the light at the end of the tunnel is certainly shining. 


Kennerley has barely left her husband’s side throughout his time in hospital care, even bringing the pair’s beloved pet dog in to visit to help comfort John. 

Today was the first time Digger recognised John and made us all happy 💖 So true, pets really are therapy 🐶

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And her praise of all of the staff who have helped them on their journey has been unfaltering. 


The horrible incident that left John in such a serious medical condition happened after the pair were celebrating Mardi Gras at Bonville Golf Resort, near Coffs Harbour on the 6th of March.

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