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Kerri Anne Kennerley has opened up to Channel 7’s current affairs program ‘Sunday Night‘ about the impact her husband John’s freak accident  has had on their lives.

John, 76, broke his neck earlier this year when he slipped at a social function at Coffs Harbour.

He spoke about the incident to Mike Willesee saying:

‘It wasn’t a particularly big fall,’  

‘It was only about 800mm, but I just landed on my head and neck – there was a crack. ‘I remember coming to… I couldn’t move anything. I couldn’t move my arms, I couldn’t move my legs. ‘And Kerri was with me within a second and I remember saying to her “I think I’m paralysed, I can’t move.” Soon after that, I fainted.’

‘I hate this new life to be quite frank. I just hate it. It’s awful,’


Kerri Anne, who’s been married to John for 32 years, tearfully revealed the toll the accident has taken.

‘I think right now, the most difficult thing… is not being able to talk to him’

‘I want my old life back. And I want my husband back. I have my husband, we’re just different now.’

‘A whole chunk of me just doesn’t exist anymore. There’s just a whole big chunk that he used to fill.’

John is now back at the couple’s Sydney home after eight months in hospital with doctors revealing he is lucky to be alive.


Daily Mail

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