It was a partnership over four decades in the making, but the split of Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy was a shock to everyone.

Although the official statement from both parties stated it was Miss Piggy’s decision, it seems the green frog has already moved on from the diva…

Kermit’s new relationship is with Denise, also a pig, who works in the publicity department on The Muppet Show.

Denise with Kermit The Frog


Kermit admitted over Twitter that she is “sweet”.

He also opened up to E! News about what attracts him to pigs.

“It’s the curly tail,” he said.

“It’s fascinating. I don’t know why is makes a difference to frogs, but it’s pretty cool.”


He also told them:

“It’s an interesting thing that happens sometimes – you’re with someone for years, and you suddenly discover that you have gone in two different directions.

“And when you’re a frog and a pig, those directions can be extreme.”

Miss Piggy has been dispelling rumours that it’s all a publicity stunt, and dealing with the break-up the only way she knows how – ice cream!


With their new Muppet Show coming up, they are expected to remain professional through filming – but knowing their tumultuous relationship, who knows?

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Photos: The Muppets

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