Ever since Kendall Jenner wore that embellished military jacket from the upcoming H&M X Balmain collaboration to the Billboard Awards five months ago, we’ve ALL been dying to get our hands on one too. 

While the collection launches on November the 5th, Yahoo! Style recently posted a BTS preview video of Kendall showing off her dancing skills IN that same jacket! 

Does this mean the jacket gives us Kendall Jenner dancing powers? Doubt it, but one can dream. 

The video is inspired by Michael Jackson and takes place in a “sci-fi metro”. 

Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing also makes an appearance in the video and when talking about Kendall, said “She is an icon. I’m inspired by her. For me she is the new Naomi, Claudia, Cindy. You know the type of models where people want to be her… she’s just amazing and inspired an entire generation. I love that she’s global and loves music, dancing, she’s the Balmain girl.” 

Watch it below! 


Source: Cosmopolitan

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