We know there’s Kim + Kanye, Kylie + Tyga, Kris + Corey, and even Kourtney + (sometimes) Scott – but Kendall Jenner has always seem to prefer the single life – until now.

After a brief dalliance with Harry Styles a few months ago, on board a yacht mostly, Kendall now has a new man by her side, plenty of news outlets are reporting.

The lucky man is none other than rapper A$AP Rocky.


These two were liked in February of this year, but it seems as though the two are looking at making things more official.

A source close to the pair confirms to US Weekly that KA$AP are “full-on dating” and, rather than serving as a passing fling, the source goes on to add that their relationship is “the real deal,” which kinda makes sense if they’ve been keen on each other for over half a year.

They’ve also been spotted together a few times; most notably at the NYC Panorama festival last month, where she was cheering him on.

Then at a romantic dinner in Soho. She even bought him to Kylie’s epic birthday party last week!



Source: Cosmopolitan

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