Last night was a VERY tense night of battles on The Voice Australia as tensions between two coaches rose to breaking point.

Kelly Rowland and Guy Sebastian had a pretty big disagreement about song choices during the episode last night, resulting in Kelly storming off set.

It all started when Guy criticised Kelly’s song choice for her two female contestants, Soma and Lyric. The pair sang Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’, which Guy thought was the wrong choice for them and explained that they seemed too joyful while singing what was really a sad song.

Guy’s opinion here sparked tension between him and Kelly, who disagreed with his opinion, but things turned much worse when Guy’s team performed next.

He had paired stellar singer Johnny with throat singer Bukhu to sing a Michael Jackson song, which left the coaches divided.

Boy George loved the performance, while Delta and Kelly thought it was “unfair” because Bukhu barely sang and seemed to be back-up for Johnny, who sang the majority of the song.

Guy and Kelly went back and forth about the issue, before Kelly declared that she wasn’t going to argue anymore and stormed off set.


“I’m not doing this,” Kelly declared as she walked away.

“Oh coz a walk off does heaps,” Guy hit back. “What’s a walk off going to do? It’s so disrespectful.”

“No you’re disrespectful,” Kelly shouted from backstage.

And poor Bukhu and Johnny were left feeling super awkward on stage. We never got to see who was chosen as the winner of the battle, with tonight’s episode set to pick up from this point.


No doubt it’s going to be another drama filled night from 7:30pm on Channel Nine!

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