There’s no question that Kelly Clarkson is a powerhouse vocalist, and so it makes sense that she would absolutely kill “Shallow,” and during her latest “Minute + A Glass Of Wine” segment, that’s exactly what the American Idol album did.

“I love artists. I know there’s a lot of competition with artists in any industry, but there’s a lot of us that just dig each other and we really get inspired by each other and what they’re doing,” she told the crowd in a video posted to Facebook.

“This chick is amazing. We’re really different, but at the same time we’re similar in the fact that she just loves music and that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing,” she continued before going into a story about playing a show with Lady Gaga, and how the then rising pop star gave her a hand written letter explaining how great it was to open for her. “She was the nicest human being ever,” Clarkson gushed, adding, “It’s so cool to know that someone that talented is so nice.”

She then dove (pun intended) right into the GRAMMY winning song from A Star Is Born, and we’re still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor.

The stunning cover begins around the 7:25 mark – watch it above!

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Article: Katrina Nattress

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