Kelly Clarkson is one of those girls that you just KNOW is real.

She classes herself as a ‘Middle America girl’, despite her fame and fortune – and she’s generally just down to earth.

Now, she’s spoken to Kyle and Jackie O about her own experiences with Dr. Luke – and weighed in on the drama with Kesha.

Kelly revealed that she’s had her own encounters with the now infamous producer, Dr. Luke and explained that the pair “clashed.”


She described him as “not a good guy”, and although she understood that many Artists didn’t like Dr. Luke, she felt that she couldn’t do much for Kesha in her situation, because she wasn’t there.

“Her experience was different to mine. Her fans are like, ‘Why don’t you stick up for her?’ but I wasn’t there.”


She also revealed that the only reason she ever worked with him was because she was blackmailed by her label.

They told her that if she didn’t work with him, they wouldn’t be releasing her record.

She described him as “not a good guy.”

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