Apparently there’s something in the waters here Down Under. At least, according to Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman that is.

Keith was on the air with Kyle and Jackie O when they were talking about the beautiful Australian outback and how magical it can sometimes seem.

According to Keith though, this was no joke and he explained how the Kimberleys in Western Australia turned out to ACTUALLY be magical for him and Nicole.

Keith was talking about the time that they spent there when Nicole was filming the movie ‘Australia’ by Baz Lurman and how they believe the natural environment actually helped Nicole fall pregnant!

“There was a story about how the water makes you pregnant there like from the lake or something,” said Jackie. “Did Nicole fall pregnant from that?”


While this might all seem like an urban myth, according to Keith this ‘fertility lake’ was legit!

“She did,” answered Keith. “And there was another woman who did too. There was two of them.”

Nicole had experienced issues falling pregnent in the past after trying for many years to conceive with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. The pair ended up adopting two children together.

But apparently all it took was a swim in this mystical lake to help her fall pregnant with her daughter with Keith, Sunday Rose.

Jackie thought this was amazing! But Kyle on the other hand wasn’t convinced. Watch the full discussion with Keith about the ‘fertility’ lake in the video above!

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