Hot off the heels of her break up with Jarrod Woodgate, rumours began circling that Keira Maguire would be heading back to find love on reality TV as the next Bachelorette.

After first appearing on Richie Strahn’s season of The Bachelor, before falling in love with Jarrod on the spin off series Bachelor In Paradise, only to have her heart broken once again, reports from NW Magazine stated that she had been approached for the leading role of The Bachelorette.

“She wants to score the coveted role of Australia’s 2019 Bachelorette,” said a source to NW Magazine.

“Jarod broke Keria’s heart – she was picturing marriage and babies with this guy and then he just dumps her. So she’s going to make sure he has the last laugh by looking for love again on TV, and reminding him of what he threw away.”

Of course at this point this was just a rumour, and so when Keira joined Jackie and Beau Ryan, filling in for Kyle while he was off sick, this morning we decided to ask her if there was any truth to the reports.

“And now there’s rumours that you could be the next Bachelorette. I did hear that last week,” said Jackie.

Keira, who’s had her fair share of experience in the media after appearing on a number of reality TV shows, began by not really confirming or denying the rumours, but instead pointed back to her break up with Jarrod.


“Well I feel like it’s a bit fresh, I’ve just broken up with the guy,” replied Keira. Beau pushed back saying that it had been four weeks since her split with Jarrod and that surely that was enough time to decide whether she wanted to do it or not.

“You think four weeks is enough? Okay let’s do it,” said Keira, before quickly adding, “just joking.”

But while Keira may have said that she was kidding, she did seem to be a bit keen to take on the role. Although she said it would all depend if she’s still single at the time of filming.

“Look I’ve definitely done enough crying, and yeah I mean, I don’t know, that’s a long time away,” she said. “It’s all about timing. I mean if I’m even single, who knows.”

So while Keira didn’t exactly confirm or deny if she’d actually been approached by producers of the show, we have to admit, she’d be a darn good Bachelorette.

The bombshell blonde, known for her hilarious comments and brutal honesty, told us that if she were The Bachelorette there would be no holding back and she would be very vocal if she didn’t like someone.


“What would you be like as a Bachelorette?” asked Jackie.

“I think I’m really honest, and I feel like if they didn’t bring good enough guys I’d be like okay let’s scrap that, let’s start again,” replied Keira.

Yep she may have been the villain of her season, but my goodness we reckon she’d be AMAZING as The Bachelorette. At least we know that if she’s single when the time comes, she’d be keen! We’d love to see this happen. 

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