Actress Keira Knightley has become a first-time mum.

The Academy Award nominee and her husband, James Righton, have welcomed their first child, multiple sources confirm.

Knightley’s pregnancy was announced by PEOPLE magazine back in December, but the 30-year-old kept mostly quiet about the news, letting her baby belly speak for itself.

She spoke to Ellen DeGeneres earlier in the year, joking about looking forward to having a drink after the baby was born.

A close friend told E! News that the 30-year-old will be a “wonderful mum”.

While there is no official news yet on the baby’s sex or name, Vanity Fair’s expert baby name predictor, Kelly Butler, says that if it’s a boy, the pair will choose ‘Arthur’ and if it’s a girl, they’ll choose ‘Olivia’. Butler correctly guessed the Royal Princess’ name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana before she was born.

Congratulations Keira and James!


Source: Vanity Fair

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