Ever since we saw that dazzling ruby ring pop up on a very important finger on Katy Perry’s Instagram, we’ve all been dying to know the details about her pending nuptials with Orlando Bloom.

The pair became engaged back in February of this year on Valentine’s Day while taking a helicopter ride. Katy posted a selfie photo featuring the flower shaped ring writing, “full bloom” in the caption.

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full bloom

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While they’ve only been engaged for a few months now, we are of course already wondering if they’ve set a date for the big day and if we can expect it to happen anytime soon.

But judging by what Katy told Kyle and Jackie O while on the air this morning, we get the feeling that they’re planning a rather length engagement.

“Are we going to see a wedding this year or are we going to get a long engagement?” Jackie asked.


“Yeah, well I think we’re doing really great and we’re really doing the hard work and laying a beautiful foundation before we start to build a massive house,” Katy told us.

Now before you start picturing Katy and Orlando living in a massive mansion in Hollywood like Kyle did, Katy explained that she means this as in the metaphoric sense.

“Oh you’re building a monster? Like a Kanye and Kim monster? What are we dealing with here?” Kyle asked.

“I’m saying more figuratively,” Katy clarified. “I’m saying it like emotionally, you know like it’s important for us to really do the hard work before we go and take this really big next step.”

As for why she wants to wait before actually tying the knot, Katy reminded us that she has been married before to British comedian Russell Brand and after that didn’t work out she’s decided not to rush things.

“I was married before and it’s not the same in your thirties as you know,” she said.


“Oh yeah, we know. We can relate,” Jackie laughed.

So don’t expect to see Katy in a white wedding gown anytime soon Katycats! She’s not rushing into anything this time around.

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