Ever since those nude photos of Orlando Bloom using a paddle-board on holidays in Sardinia surfaced back in 2016, Kyle’s been very interested in one thing.

And that’s just how well endowed the bloke appeared to be. So of course he saw no issue with bringing up the subject with Bloom’s fiance Katy Perry when she joined us for a chat this morning.

While Katy brushed it off pretty darn quickly, we have to say that she basically just confirmed that he’s got a pretty huge… well, ya know.

While introducing Katy onto the show, Kyle said, “You know she’s off the market now Jackie”.

“Engaged!” Jackie added.

“It sounds like you’re the most disappointed one Kyle, you thought you had a chance after all these years,” Katy chimed in.

Kyle then mentioned that he’s not surprised that Katy agreed to tie the knot with someone like Orlando based on those infamous paddle-boarding photos alone.


“Hey listen, once I saw Orlando’s d*ck hanging out on that surf board I knew, I’ve got no chance,” Kyle said.

Katy didn’t deny the fact that Orlando is hiding one serious package down there, but instead jumped in and jokingly clarified the big thing that she really loves about him.

“His heart! His heart,” she said quickly with a laugh.

No wonder she locked him down finally! It’s tough to find a good guy out there with a big heart… amongst other things… LOL!

Check out our whole chat with Katy Perry in the video above!

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