Before it was announced that Karl Stefanovic would be leaving The Today Show, it’s safe to say that his name was already making it into the headlines practically on a daily basis.

And unfortunately, it wasn’t for the best of reasons.

Not only was Karl involved in the Uber Gate scandal, that saw him and his brother Peter Stefanovic caught out allegedly talking about other Today Show employees on speaker phone in the back of an Uber, but Karl was also dealing with multiple rumours about his personal relationships.

Following his divorce from his ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn, Karl soon found himself in a relationship with Jasmine Yarbrough, sending the gossip mags into a frenzy.

Karl and Jasmine soon became engaged and then came their rather lavish wedding ceremony in Mexico, with the headlines continuing to come and paparazzi constantly following Karl and his family.

Not long after this, Karl received the call that he wouldn’t be returning to The Today Show.


He opened up about this bad press while speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

And while many people think the Uber Gate saga caused his shock exit from the Channel Nine breakfast program, he explained that he believes the drama surrounding his relationship was the nail in the coffin for his Today Show career.

“That’s not true,” Karl said about Uber Gate. “I think I was more responsible for all of that than anyone else.”

“What because you fell in love?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah… For me it’s like there was a lot of stuff happening and we just couldn’t stop the momentum of all the press and we weren’t doing anything wrong, we were just living our lives but it just kept on coming and coming and coming,” Karl continued to explain.


“I think you’ve just got to get used to it. This is what happens these days and once they get on a roll they get on a roll and it’s hard to reverse it.”

As hard as all the publicity can be to deal with at times, Karl said that it’s important to try and move past it and just live your life. Luckily, he told us that he has a great support system to help him get through.

“You can’t even worry about it… You just can’t even bother about it,” he said. “Look I have a great time in life, I’ve got a great love I’ve got beautiful family and so you just keep marching forward.”

Hear more from our chat with Karl Stefanovic in the video above!