Kanye West is on the mend after his hospitalization for exhaustion in November last year, and is apparently now ready to get his life and business ventures back on track.

His sudden hospitalization meant he had to cancel the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour, and when he is fully recovered he intends to complete it, but it won’t be for a while still. A source told E News, “Kanye wants to finish the tour. He loves his show, he wants everyone in the world to see it.”

In the meantime the source confirmed that he was working on several business opportunities away from the public eye. “Kanye has a few surprise projects coming up that involves music and concerts in the spring and summer,” the source shared. “Plus he is working on his fashion line and some collaborations.”

Before business and performing though, Kanye seems to have his priorities in correct order – his family. “His kids are his number one priority for him and he wants to be a good dad and make his mother proud,” the source added. “He thinks about her every day.”

Kanye’s rants on Twitter were always so entertaining but we do hope they’re a thing of the past. Onward and upwards Kanye!

H/T: E News

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